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She is one of the best hostesses in the club, In fact, her trick is to search for a money hungry guest for the first month, And the last month has come to the present place ... Yoshio leaves the house for a while and then witnesses the affairs of Mitsuko and Kimura at home. (Synopsis / Review) Film Story: After his discharge from the military, Chan-Seung (Phillip Choi) decides to go back to college.

He receives a phone call from a senior classmate and heads to a nightclub.

But Taro has a new girlfriend Haruka, and Taro decides to leave Yoko unilaterally. (Synopsis / Review) Film Story: Kazumi likes Akiyama, a married man, while attending a company.

However, Akiko’s wife, Shione, tells her not to meet her husband.

I was curious to see my sister’s Yuuka changing ...

(Synopsis / Review) Film Story: To Chikako Ward, who works as a hostess in Ginza to raise a middle school student daughter by herself. She was secretly dating Kimura, One day, he calls Kimura home and introduces Yoshio to a person who is meeting on the premise of marriage.

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The present is too expensive for her daughter and she decides to return it to the ...

(Synopsis / Review) Film Story: He is a professor and a tutor.

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