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Sometimes this kind of pressure will led some people to flee, and would prefer to choose muddle along secular life.

Because they are worry about their choice if they fail on their own choice and need to bear the tragic consequences.

He seems to interest about Janine, and try to let Janine noticed about that and also when Janine starts to cough he offers Janine a lozenge.

Janine was happy and welcomes the French soldier’s attention, in here all of these action were reinforces her opinion about she still can be very attractive to men.

But she feels depressed because later on there is noting happened.

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In Janine’s mind she describe her husband has a negative image who she feels stagnant and always business with his work, having waived the ambitions and passions compare to when they met.He is one the most famous French novelist, play writer, essayist, and journalist.Many people him as an Existentialist, but he himself preferred to known him as a thinker and a man, rather than be known as member of school or ideology. In 1945, during an interview, he rejected any kind of ideological associations.Sometimes seemingly vague and symbolic (and with odd titles and endings), they are thoroughly enjoyable and readable.Though similar in complexity, subject matter and settings vary greatly: a woman joins her fabric-selling husband on a business trip, a detangled former missionary awaits his replacement, barrel makers strike, a prisoner is foisted on a schoolmaster, an artist works amidst ever-changing chaos, and an engineer visits inhabitants near the site of a future dam.

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