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A moment later there is a knock at the door and it is a beautiful girl named Vanessa Bennet (Analeigh Tipton).

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As an alternative, Sheldon wants the women to battle for him in a battle of wits and for the winner to come through the door, sit down next to him and quietly watch Daredevil with him.

Amy says that she had only one relationship that after five years was becoming more work than it should be. Dave would love Sheldon's job and had been following his work for years. Bernadette, Penny and Leonard spying on the date from Bernadette’s car across the street. He asks how long it took him to write a certain research paper.

She decribes him as Caltech theoretical physicist and calls him Sheldon. Bernadette isn't a stalker, she is just a girl with military level spy equipment who kept tabs on her boyfriends. The answer was an hour and a half, one of her dates which is much like this one. He thinks that it would be weird to meet her ex-boyfriend, but keeps going back and forth about the invitation. Howard remarks that it was a fun experiment, while Sheldon is convince that someone will show up.

Finally coming out in a very modest dress, Penny assures her that all of her comfort zones are covered.

Amy says that there are many people who would consider the brain the sexiest organ.

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