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The purpose of a school disciplinary and safety program is found in Statute (2000).Statute (1995) allows a child to be suspended from or denied admission to a public school for behavior that is "inimicable to the welfare, safety, or morals of other pupils or a person employed or volunteering at the school."Statute (2000) exempts any teacher, teacher's assistant, a principal, or another person responsible for students from civil damages resulting in the enforcement of the approved school disciplinary and safety program.Drugs and Alcohol: Code requires the State Board of Education and all local boards of education to adopt and enforce policies, practices or procedures that ensure a safe school environment free of illegal drugs, alcohol, or weapons.Collaboration with Law Enforcement: Code 16-1-24.1 requires the principal to notify appropriate law enforcement officials when any person violates policies concerning drugs, alcohol, weapons, physical harm to a person, or threatened physical harm to a person.Written notification must also be provided to all parents and students of the district's student discipline policies and teachers and administrators, as well as other school employees and volunteers must receive appropriate student discipline training.Weapons: Code 6-18-503 requires each school district to develop written student discipline policies in compliance with the guidelines established by the Department of Education in Code 6-18-502.

ARS 15-341 requires the governing board in conjunction with local law enforcement agencies and medical facilities to develop an emergency response plan for each school within the district.The guidelines suggest that student discipline policies include the offense of willfully and intentionally assaulting or threatening to assault or abuse any student or teacher, principal, superintendent, or other employee of a school system.The policies shall also prescribe minimum and maximum penalties for violations of the offense.Statute (2001) requires each governing body to adopt a written school disciplinary and safety program that must include standards for and related to student behavior and safety policies.The program must also contain procedures for periodic review and revision of the program.

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