Fat vid chat

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He’s named after the main character in the book Petrova recalls that when she and the cat were both grieving for her mother, “a friend suggested that I do some kind of art project with him because he is so funny.

I decided to re-create a still life with him in the style of the Dutch Masters.

The video, which was filmed in Belleville near its border with Bloomfield, is titled “Santa in the Hood.” It shows a bespectacled man in a Santa Claus suit handing baggies of green, leafy contents to people and lighting a “tree,” or marijuana cigarette, which is then smoked by a man in a reindeer mask.“The only problem we get with lighting up so many trees is the munchies,” Alex Vivanco, who stars as Santa Claus, says in the video.

“If we don’t eat, it’s impossible for us to stay high in the sky delivering Christmas gifts.”The video segues into footage of the sandwiches served by the Washington Avenue establishment Fat House.

Choose from five distinct character classes and switch at any time to best help your team. They enjoy that,” said Espinar, who was quick to point out that “everything in the video is fake.”The video can be viewed on Fat House's Facebook page.Espinar said he and a partner started the Washington Avenue eatery about three years ago with the goal of bringing the quality of the “fat sandwich” trucks at Rutgers University to Belleville.“It takes a professional photographer and a team of people to entertain him during our special photographic sessions.Afterwards, I go through the shots and look for appropriate art works to re-create.

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