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2007 Galeria Desig, Sensualitat efímera (Ephemeral Sensuality), Drawings and paintings, Barcelona.2006 Thambos, Cada moment de recerca és un moment d’encontre (Every Searching Moment Is an Encounter Moment), Installation, Vic.Sociology leads to Dogon dancers of Mali, then to research in psychiatric hospitals in France, a group therapy based on the use of masks. Exhibitionlist 1973 Gallery Eric and Christiane Germain, Paris with Timothy Hennesy - Masks 1974 Gallery Eric and Christiane Germain, Paris- Masks 1975 Museum of Chartres - Le masque de profil et de farce 1976 Rocco Turzi Gallery, Paris, with Anne de Lustrac - Paintings, photos and patchwork 1978 Gallery Mairie du 6è arrondissement, Paris – Grand masque 1981 Gallery Delphi, Paris - Sculptures 1983-84 Musee de l'Homme, Paris – Le masque au long cours 1986 Chapitre 12- Brussels - Geometric drawings 1988 Chapitre 12- Brussels - Feuilles de Bananiers 1990 Galerie Atelier Adac, Paris - Labyrinth 1992 Galerie Atelier Adac, Paris - Adac - Prototype 1994 Galerie Atelier Adac, Paris - Adac - Calligraphy with Chu Te Chun 1995 Gallery Saint Maur, Paris - Bronces 1996-2002 Society of Architects, Paintors and Sculpors – annual collective exhibition – Sculptures 2000 Luxemburg museum, Paris – Masques 2001 Espace Cardin, Paris – XXL Bronce 2002 Museum of Tulle – jewellery and sculptures 2003 Chapelle de la Salpétrière, Paris - Sculptures 2004 Alfred Dunhill Gallery, Paris, Pliages 2006 Gallery XVI Arrondissement, Paris with Adriana Feraru- Sculptures 2008 Hotel Westen with Adriana Feraru - sculptures 2010 Nadine Gallery, Paris - Foldings 2011 Art Vilnius Art Fair, Lithuania by Werkstattgalerie - Sculptures 2012 Cubic Emotion, Werkstattgalerie, Berlin - Foldings Gallery Arbalete with Beatriec Casadesus 2013 Vibrations, Werkstattgalerie Berlin Lives and works at Marseilles and Bruxelles.Publications: Articles in the journal "Medical Psychology" 1982-85-90-94. EDUCATION Art Master, College of Fine Arts, Marseille, 2007 Visual Art Degree, College of Toulouse le Mirail, 2004 SOLO EXHIBITIONS 2013 SILENT, curated by Alberto Mattia Martini, Spazio Testoni Gallery, Bologna, Italy; Vertical instincts, Block B, Dublin, Ireland.Albert Coma Bau 1970 Individual Exhibitions 2012 Foresight Art Gallery, One’s Freedom, Drawing and paintings, Amman, Jordan.2010 Factor(s) Contemporany Art, SOS, Photography and performance, Torelló.1999 Galeria Espai Blanc, Ànimes (Souls), Photography, Barcelona. The Huge Brightly Coloured Skulls Have Instant Visual Impact', Julia Thrift, Time Out ‘X-Ray Artist Gets Inside the Head of Jonathan Aitken', Cathy Milner, Sunday Telegraph ‘Celebrity X-rays Set for New Art Craze', Vanessa Thorpe, The Observer ‘Artist to Sell Aitken's Skull', Senay Boztas, The Sunday Times 'Alex DECadunet, Saatchi Gallery', Masako Masaoka, Japanese Art World1998 'Skull-Duggery', Shelly Smith, V&A News. Juni 1980 in Barcelona Studium • 1984-1994 Grundschule “E. Lola Anglada”, Barcelona • 1994-1998 Gymnasium und Hochschulreife in “Les Corts”, Barcelona • 1998-2002 Studium der Malerei an der “Universidad de Bellas Artes”, Barcelona • 2002-2003 ERASMUS-Stipendiatin der Malerei an der Udk (Universität der Künste), Berlin • 2004 Studium der Malerei, Klasse Prof.

2002 Centre Civic Can Felipa, Noves Natures (New Natures), Instalation, Barcelona. Death and the Gucci's', Homa Nasab, Art Info 2005 ‘Artist Gets Inside Hitler's Head', Paul Arandt, The Guardian 2004 ‘Xray(t)ed Portraits: The Revealing Art of Alexander de Cadenet', Scott Tillett, Photodistrict News 2003 Alexander de Cadenet, Mike Skinner, Black Book Magazine Alexander de Cadenet, Edward Lucie-Smith, Art Tomorrow 'Spy Unmaksed', Jilly Beattie, Daily Mirror 2000 Alexander de Cadenet, Edward Lucie-Smith, Movements in Art since 1945 Cover/Back Cover, 'Edward Lucie Smith', Fidget Magazine 1999 ‘A Post-Pop Spin on Phrenology...

2009 Négociations, Galerie Nicolas Silin, Paris, France.

GROUP EXHIBITIONS (SELECTION) 2014 Arte Fiera – Spazio Testoni Gallery, Bologna, Italy.

2007 Galeria Crea 21, Pintures (Paintings), Barcelona.

2005 Centre Civic Can Felipa, Les linies del vincle (The Lines of the Bond), Drawing mural, Barcelona.

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