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Response to Insulin in Riboflavin Deficiency.- 3.3.

Glandular Structure and Function in Riboflavin Deficiency.- 4.3.

Modification of Positions of Substituents on Aromatic Ring.- 4.

Stimulation of Flavin Synthesis by Thyroid Hormones.- 5.6. Clinical Studies of Flavoprotein Enzymes in Thyroid Disease.- 5.8. I would definitely be a racist if I attacked Blacks, but criticizing a dominant majority is a fair game.Also, keep in mind that a poster of comments is held to a different standard than an article contributor.Information has been reviewed on the physiological role of the vitamin, the metabolic effects of riboflavin deficiency in animals and man, and the regulation of riboflavin metabolism. In each chapter early background material has been included, but the major emphasis has been on the many recent advances that have been made.

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