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A variant is the fir tree top – predominantly lager but with a very small quantity of cola added. In the Netherlands, Sneeuwwitje (Snowwhite) is 7UP or Sprite with a bit of draught pilsner added to create some foam.A shandygaff is an older British name for beer mixed with ginger beer or ginger ale; the earliest written record of the word dates back to 1853. Australian variant 1/2 and 1/2 Stout and Lemonade (traditionally Coopers Best Extra Stout) In England, Wales and Scotland, a lager top is a lager with a "dash" of lemonade, so that it is effectively the strongest variant of shandy.The Whizz Peach, made by the private Wilhelm Rummel Brewery in Darmstadt, is made with 50% Kristallweizen (filtered wheat beer) and 50% peach-flavored lemonade.The Bananenweizen is made by topping up a wheat beer with banana juice.Since a 1993 change in German tax law, In Berlin and eastern Germany, the Potsdamer, a 50%/50% mixture of light-coloured beer and flavoured soda, is a popular drink.The soda used in a Potsdamer is flavoured with a shot of raspberry syrup, giving it a red colour.The story says that a German innkeeper was waiting for his cyclist regulars, when he found out that he doesn't have enough beer.So he blended the remaining beer with a fresh citrus lemonade.

A typical Panaché in the Alsace region contains less than 1% alcohol by volume.A diesel in the United Kingdom is another name for a snakebite, a combination of half a pint of lager, half a pint of cider and (optionally) a measure of blackcurrant cordial, and thus does not meet the definition of a shandy, which needs to include beer and a non-alcoholic drink.A mazout is a common drink in Flanders and is a mix of pilsner and cola.It commonly consists of a mixture of beer and sparkling lemonade.The origin of the name is lost to time, but is presumed to relate to the popularity of cycling and the need for a refreshing, less-alcoholic beverage on the journey.

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