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There is a huge growth in martial arts (and martial arts-based fitness) around the globe.

Most consumers are seeking a martial arts workout without being injured, or having actual combat.

If needed, they are FREE: Get Adobe Reader or Get Adobe Flash player When I become certified, how will I run my TACTIX business? You will be given specific strategies for operating your business.

All of the following are possible: one-on-one, small group, indoor, outdoor, men’s only, women’s only, co-ed, as a business owner, as an independent contractor, or any combination.

You are given very detailed, step-by-step blue prints for everything from warm-ups to conditioning drills to specific business strategies. All materials can be viewed/used online or downloaded to your personal computer.

I am here to personally guide you every step of the way. Certification does not expire Prerequisites: Some experience in martial arts and/or personal trainer/fitness instructor/group exercise certification Learning Format: Online format of all materials, including video demonstrations (one-on-one and group lessons), which is accessed through our secure website. The videos are not formatted for portable devices such as i Phone.

Both of these are installed on 98% of all computers.In other words, it was more like “martial dance class” that just took up space. There are no funky dance moves, ancient philosophies, or useless routines.TACTIX is all about function, form, fun and profit!If you’ve been searching for a program like this (and also one that makes you a lot of money), TACTIX is your solution.You can likely see how TACTIX is the perfect martial arts-based fitness system for fitness pros, martial artists, boot camp instructors and gyms owners.

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