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Approach The Date With A Checklist Mistake 3 is similar to mistake 1 and just as damaging, if not worse.I know that many women have the trusty ‘checklist’ of qualities that they want (or think they want) in a man.Mistake #3: Sending a message with a boring subject Fact #1: Guys outnumber girls by at least two to one on most online dating sites and that’s a conservative number.Fact #2: Good looking girls get dozens of winks and messages in any given day. Once again, women with good online profiles get lots of winks and messages every day. It has to stand out among all the others, or it has a high chance of getting deleted and never read.You can have the most awesome profile and you can send her the most intriguing message, but she may never see it. Spend just as much time crafting an intriguing subject line as you do in writing the rest of your message.Ask her a question or specifically reference some detail in her profile so that she will know you actually read it and are truly interested in more than just her looks.

It may seem counterintuitive to say don’t have an agenda when dating, after all surely the whole reason we date is to meet ‘your man’ right? Ultimately and long term this is the desire, however you drastically reduce your chances of getting to that stage if you approach dating with an agenda.

There are many professional photo services that do nothing but create great photos for your online dating profile.

If you want to stand a chance against the other guys out there, upload a good quality photo.

For example she might have ‘calm and laid back’ right next to ‘passionate and energetic’. You suggest where to go next, you dazzle him with tales of adventures you have had, showing him your sparkling wit and you have him in stitches over your humour.

Now I am not saying that you can’t have all those qualities in one person, it’s just that normally a man tends towards one of the other. Also our lists sometimes have things on that are so trivial, such as ‘tattoos’ or ‘muscles’. There is nothing wrong in having physical preferences but are you really going to choose your life partner on whether he has ink on his body? And of course you offer to pay for your half of the date, or perhaps you even get the whole bill – you are a modern woman after all. He is laughing along with you, and there is a connection, you can feel it. He goes cold and disappears after a couple of dates. Well most men prefer to take on the masculine role in dating, and if you are doing all or any of the above you are actually pushing him out of this role, meaning you are preventing him from becoming emotionally invested in you.

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