Pros cons dating co worker

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If a co-worker approaches you with the idea of living together, make sure you think the decision through.

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Write up a chart plotting whose turn it is to drive or, if one of you is without a car, a fair amount of payment the car owner should receive for gas and maintenance contributions. People Act Differently Outside of Work You may think your co-worker is a considerate, funny and all-around fantastic person at work, but most people put on their best faces in a professional environment.

Even if you’re friends outside of work, it’s not quite the same as living with a person 24/7.

A Responsible Roommate Sharing an apartment with a co-worker doesn’t guarantee that you’ll find a responsible roommate, but if you’re on a cordial but not overly friendly basis, you’re less likely to deal with a roommate who shirks responsibility.

A family member or friend roommate is more likely to skip payments and not clean up after him or herself than someone who gets along with you on a professional level. A More Private Life You’re more likely to feel you have ample privacy when sharing an apartment with a co-worker than a friend or family member, for good and for bad.

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