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Lydia, once again the quiet and shy girl, wanted to get a bit nasty!

After putting on her mask, she felt the urge to be a bit more punishing than usual, ending the session by jamming a pig hole in her slaves ass to keep it gaping while she pounded it with a strapon!

Mistress Evelin Stone and Goddess Tucker Stevens decide on milking day that they are going to milk their sex slave.

Maybe if he drains his filth out of his slut sack, he will be more even tempered and well behaved around here, not to mention, will be less likely to cum when he isn’t supposed to!

So here they are, in no particular order: is probably the most well-known movie on this list, but I think it’s just obscure enough to still qualify.

It’s exactly the right amount of obscure, if you will.

You may not know, but Charlie has a soft spot for the big girls. Not that she needs permission to test Charlies limits.

Charlies gets a face full of Darlas melons and he begs for more…

After he was allowed to lick my sweet ass he lands tied up as a package on the bed! Well but unfortunately I had not this in mind and at the moment when he wants to shod his load I stop wanking his hard dick.What follows is a series of desperate acts where Jerry tries to do everything and anything in his power to avoid the confrontation. There’s all kinds of unusual camera angles, odd close-ups, slow-motion sequences, and other zany camera effects you wouldn’t expect but which are all used to great effect to magnify the sense of dread that Jerry Mitchell feels. This is one of those movies I’m always surprised when people tell me they’ve never heard of it, which is a thing that happens so often to me (probably because it’s my “go-to” ’80s movie discussion icebreaker) that I felt obligated to include it.stars the beautiful if androgynous Joyce Hyser as Terry Griffith, a popular high school student who wants more than anything to be a journalist. With the coaching of her sex-obsessed younger brother (played by the adorable Billy Jayne) and a wad of rolled-up socks, Terry (who conveniently has a unisex name) gives herself a transsexual makeover that could give Hilary Swank’s Oscar-winning role in a run for its money.In case it’s not glaringly obvious from the poster, it’s about a high school geek taking on a high school bully.In other words, it’s a film we’ve all seen many times before.

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