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For example, Thomas held a large tract of land in what is now Stafford County, Virginia.According to tribal historians, his land adjoined a tract held by Chief Wahaganoche and another by his daughter Christian Pettus who married John Martin.

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So, I will quote from our correspondence to try to bring you up to speed.

I have purchased his book, which at his request I will not mention, and when I have time, I will try to correct the genealogy below to fit his newest findings.

I appreciate his concern over the errors after his arduous labor of love.

An online query by a tribal historian regarding the identity of Christian Pettus's father led this source to do some last-minute research. And very probably sons Stephen ("the first Stephen") and John of Rapahannock and New Kent. His will, 1729, names daughter Mary Pettus, and grandson Dabney Pettus, son of Stephen Pettus." In 1720 Hanover was set off from New Kent. He may have gone to Jefferson Co., which became the state of Kentucky. And this settles two points; first that ANNE OVERTON'S husband was a grandson of COLN. This is the way our s reads: DABNEY PETTUS, born in Virginia, married Anne Overton of Virginia. William Pettus, Stephen Pettus, Susan Pettus,and Ann Pettus, who married Edmund Eggleston of V a.

That research led to the discovery of new evidence that Christian was the daughter of the immigrant Thomas and Ka-Okee, daughter of Pocahontas. Baptized August 23, 1610, served on the Continent with Sir Thomas Dale in the Thirty Years War, and was sent to Virginia by Sir John Pettus of the London Company in command of 40 men. In 1727 Stephen Pettus patented extensively in western Hanover. In 1761 John Pettus deeded "for love" to George Terry, had on his bond Dabney Pettus, son of Stephen. Stephen Pettus, of Hanover's sons, all left Hanover and Louisa. There in 1792 a Stephen Pettus married Elizabeth, daughter of Francis Adams. THOMAS PETTUS, SR., and second that most probably hisname was JOHN, and not Dabney, or possibly he may have had both names, thus JOHN DABNEY PETTUS. John Pettus, son of Dabney, was living in Louisia Co., Va.

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