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Now that I have some bandwidth again, I am getting back to work on several pet projects (including the Amazon EC2 Cluster).

I'm giving an EC2 talk at Pycon in March, so I'm really on the hook to wrap up that series of posts now.

Legalization of online card games in general and poker specifically is progressing across different areas of the country. James Robertson, Jazaniah Ford, born in Milton (Massachusetts) in 1757, Amos Whitney, born in 1766, Thomas Crehore, born in 1769 and James Y. To begin with there was little difference between the early home-produced decks and those imported from England (see example →) although gradually American Aces of Spades became more picturesque than the standard English duty Aces. • Victor Mauger • Winters Art Lithographing Co., Chicago, 1890s • Kalamazoo P. Gradually attempts were made to overcome this problem, with various patented innovations leading to the standard double-ended playing cards we are familiar with today.

This list is semi-static, but I'll keep adding links at Update (02/10/09): I have around 400 dataset bookmarks now (more than double the count when this post first appeared), so I've updated the list below.The event which prompted this long overdue blog post was another pet project: collecting public datasets.I keep an eye on topics of interest using us tag subscriptions, and yesterday my feed was flooded with links to Hitting a blot, reentering a piece from the bar, and bearing off, all had the same rules as today.The chief differences with modern backgammon were the use of three rather than two dice, the starting of all pieces off the board (with them entering in the same way that pieces on the bar enter in modern backgammon), and naturally no doubling cube (which was introduced in the 1920s).

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