Who is natalie pinkham dating

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Pinkham is known for her work on The Wright Stuff, Live from Studio Five and The Most Annoying TV We Hate to Love.

Natalie Pinkham was born as Natalie Jane Pinkham, on 20 September 1978 in Buckinghamshire, UK.

there is a huge amount of pressure on women."I used up all my good luck on the pregnancy - I didn’t have any morning sickness, I had loads of energy, I felt amazing and was exercising up until my due date - it was a dream."Talking about her own experience, which saw her have an emergency caesarian when her baby's blood pressure plummeted, Natalie continued: "The only thing and advice I would say is listen to your body because you’re the only one who knows."I was six days overdue and I noticed that he just wasn’t kicking as much.

They had a look and had to break my waters and they were full of meconium and his little heart rate plummeted, it was so scary…"Breaking down, she said: "That was the scariest bit for me was hearing his heart rate go.

When asked if she was planning more children, Natalie commented: "I don’t think so, no.

I had a pretty tough time during the birth of both babies, so I think it’s risky for me to try again."The TV star continued: "We’re very lucky, I don’t want to push it.

Pinkham joined an independent Queenswood boarding school. Pinkham matriculated from the University of Nottingham, where she majored in politics Natalie Pinkham might have earned a huge amount of net worth from her brilliant career.

Harry, who is dating CHELSY DAVY, reportedly got intimate with NATALIE PINKHAM when the pair posed for photographs taken by revellers.

However, Prince Charles' communications secretary PADDY HAVERSON says, "The pictures are three years old and we have asked The Sun to correct it." The royal household also takes exception to the implication Harry was cheating on Davy with Pinkham, as they claim the pictures were taken in 2003, long before he started dating the Zimbabwean socialite.

The four of us are a really lovely family unit."After two difficult pregnancies, Natalie said she still gets emotional when she realises her fortunate situation, which she reminds her spouse of daily.

She went on: "I feel so lucky, I literally text my husband every day…

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