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(Fast Company) For brands looking to break through to tech-savvy millennials, the technology it employs may be just as important as the brand’s name, according to new research from data and analytics company Annalect (The Wall Street Journal) As brands struggle to reach millennials, they’re turning to a once-underground genre of music that is managing to capture a large, social media-savvy audience: electronic dance music, or EDM (Adweek) Generation Y is drawn to retailers who are authentic, help them learn about food, and care about local communities (SN) British fashion retailer Selfridges will highlight gender neutrality in fashion with the launch of the Agender project (IBN) To win back millennials, hotel giant Marriott is doing something very different: launching a coast-to-coast line of stylish microhotels, where trendy bars take precedent — and the rooms are cheaper and ultraslim (The Washington Post) Cruise lines—like hotel chains—are trying to find ways to encourage younger travelers to join the 22.2 million people worldwide expected to take a cruise in 2015; MSC Cruises also provides condoms, pregnancy tests, lubricants, and the morning-after pill to its passenger (Quartz) More and more, what people purchase speaks to how they perceive themselves — and wish to be perceived; today’s luxury buyer wants to live well, but also emphasizes responsible consumption and support for positive social change (Campaign) At a time when most legacy retailers are still struggling to figure out the ins and outs of digital, Lilly Pulitzer is acing it; the legacy women’s retailer has embraced mainstream social media, carved a niche for itself and also driven e-commerce sales through it (Digiday) A startup offering a solution for parents with small children who want a way to easily save and store their kids’ artwork, Plum Print, has raised a million-dollar seed round to continue to grow its business and expand into new products (Tech Crunch) 16-year-old Her Royal Highness Princess Elena of Avalor is the newest Princess in the House of Mouse — while Elena shares similar physical attributes to her Disney Princess counterparts, having a Latina princess is being heralded by many as an inspiring move for young girls (Yahoo!

) This video shows over 3,000 years of women’s ideal body types as determined by their societies’ standard of beauty (Buzzfeed) [youtube

Andrea Bosman kijkt naar haar aan haar smartphone verknochte puberdochter en realiseert zich ineens dat ze zelf ook ooit vijftien was (Trouw) Google stopt met het produceren van de eens zo hippe Google Glass (Sp!

ontwikkelde de campagne ‘Homo zijn kun je leren’, die jonge homo’s moet verleiden om de website te bezoeken (Adformatie) Seksueel gedrag bij kinderen wordt meer gemeld dan vroeger, zegt Erik Van Dooren, directeur van het Vertrouwenscentrum Kindermishandeling: ‘Maar bij kinderen spreken van verkrachting en aanranding van de eerbaarheid is fout’ (De Standaard) Jongeren worden steeds eerder en vaker slachtoffer van misdrijven als mishandeling, diefstal of vandalisme; in 2013 is één op de vijf jongeren van 15 tot 18 jaar de dupe geworden van geweld of een vermogensdelict, blijkt uit de Kinderrechtenmonitor 2013 ( Generatie Y heeft zijn buik vol van perfectie, wat volgens professor en psychiater Dirk De Wachter geen slechte evolutie is: “Alleen mensen die zichzelf kwetsbaar laten zijn en dat durven delen, kunnen misschien wel eens gelukkig zijn” (De Morgen) De geboorte van een pandadrieling is een zeldzame gebeurtenis en voor de lezers van Kidsweek is dat de reden om een foto daarvan uit te roepen tot Kindernieuwsfoto van 2014 ( En tot slot, klik hier om te leren hoe Disney tot een realistische weergave van ogen komt (Disney Research) of hier voor 21 toen-versus-nu-vergelijkingen op basis van advertenties voor technologie (Distractify) Kinderen en jongeren zijn continu in het nieuws.

KLIK & LEES: Toys are more divided by gender now than they were 50 years ago; even at times when discrimination was much more common, catalogs contained more neutral appeals than advertisements today (The Atlantic) Disney will launch its digital learning initiative Imagicademy on December 11; it’s a suite of mobile learning apps for kids, along with an app where parents can follow along, give their kids a virtual high five, and see recommended physical activities (Tech Crunch) The TOADY (Toys Oppressive and Destructive to Young children) Award goes to the AT&T U-verse app by Baby First, the first two-screen experience for babies: “This is insidious, and may actually harm their development” (CCFC) Mc Donald’s has given away more than 22 million books as part of its campaign, which launched in January 2013 in a bid to “evolve” how parents perceive the brand (Marketing Magazine) While the young adults who grew up on a diet of Smirnoff Ice may think that they party hard, statistics increasingly suggest that their bacchanalian behaviour is being eclipsed by the revelry of their own mummies and daddies (The Telegraph) Why should today’s teens opt for Aéropostale as opposed to one of their umpteen million fast-fashion options?

Because their clothes are “safe” and you won’t get relentlessly mocked for your fashion choices — at least that’s what the CEO thinks (Jezebel) Mayhem, a four-year-old from Ohio who started a blog featuring handmade paper reconstructions of red-carpet dresses, will develop clothing, accessories and shoes for Crewcuts, the children’s brand of J.

Crew (WWD) According to a new survey conducted by, close to 40% of moms aged 18 to 34 created social media accounts for their baby before the child’s first birthday: ““I think everything my son does is cute…

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